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Phil Cuttance

Phil Cuttance not only creates precise and clean faceted geometric forms.  Cuttance also transforms this process into an art with a video below, which is equally as clean and precise.

Daphne 53 x 17 x 40" hand built porcelain

Kate MacDowell – (inter) Sections

Kate MacDowell uses her artwork to comment on the beauty of our world and how we as humans appreciate and desire this beauty.  Contrasting to this is our desire for a convenient and easy lifestyle which impacts the beauty of the world around us.  MacDowell crafts these beautifully and intricately detailed works in porcelain.


Jack White Solo Album Blunderbuss

In case you have not heard, Jack White is releasing a new album, Blunderbuss, on April 23/24.  But, I am not sure what is going on with the two days.  Could they not decide which day to release?



Here is something fun for Friday. Filippo Perin (PHIL) sculpts fantastic small characters and toys from paper.  

Getting Up: The Tempt One Story

This looks like an inspiring story and an awesome foundation. The Not Impossible Foundation is working to create solutions for impossible challenges. The EyeWriter is the first of these challenges and they are working with TEMPT to develop the technology.


JP Auclair Street Segment (from All.I.Can.)

In an industry littered with “me too” films about skiing, it would seem unlikely that something truly creative and original could emerge. This teaser short from the film All.I.Can., does that and more. It all begins with gorgeous camera work as the film builds suspense