Liam Brazier


Liam Brazier is a London based freelance illustrator and animator.  Much of his work is great, but I am especially fond of these superhero and science fiction characters. Brazier is currently working to complete a new Star Wars illustration every week until The Force Awakens is released in theaters. The Yoda above is #22 and the image below shows his progress.


Below are a few other examples of his superhero work.





bounty hunter

bounty hunter

Many of these are available to purchase in various shops and you can see more on Liam Brazier’s website.

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  • Nat@ dear little house

    Cool! I love the colours.

  • Liam Brazier

    Thanks for the post, most appreciated. Yes I do hope to free some time to do some more soon.

    Various prints etcetera for sale too if anyone is interested – check the ‘shop’ link on my site.

    Thanks again!

    • Rainey

      Sure thing Liam, I am really digging your work.

  • mushroom

    hey cant i get a biography on you,

    like where you were born, did you go to school and what year graduated, and when did you finish each of the prints with the superheroes