If you are interested in displaying your work, please post in the comments below.

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  • Linda Paul

    Pearls on the Beach Contemporary abstract seascape beach paintings of pearls in the shell and on the beach by artist Linda Paul. Medium acrylic on canvas eache painting is 24″ x 24″

    more info at

    • rainey

      Lots of nice color, thanks for the submission!

  • Bryan Wilcox

    Bryan Wilcox photography

    Have you lost your marbles?

    You have probably heard or used
    this expression yourself. It likely had something to do with playing the
    very competitive childhood games that involved marbles during the first
    half of the 20th century in North America.

    The first marbles
    were produced from stone, primarily limestone, although other materials
    such as agate and alabaster were used. The manufacture of earthenware
    marbles became very popular in the 1800s, and by the 1840s glass marbles
    were being made in Germany.

    I love the look and feel of marbles.
    My eye is always drawn to the well worn, abused and damaged pieces –
    they have so much more character unlike the commercial photography world
    strives for the perfect product.

    This exhibit shows a few marbles
    that I have collected over the years from Canada, USA and Cuba. I hope
    the images bring back some thoughts of your own past.

  • Kayoumin GC

    Not Totally Negative:

    Negative photography open my eyes to another side of everything – human, nature and society.

    I often joke about seeing “the other world” in my negative photos.

    “Not Totally Negative” creates an altered perspective by reversing colors and lights.

    The result is surprisingly gorgeous and profound, if to capture the moment from the right angle.

    I get it sometimes by chance, other times through careful arrangement.