Suzanne Moxhay - Thicket

Suzanne Moxhay

Moxhay is a London based artist and has been exhibiting since 2002. Her latest series, Interiors, creates impossible compositions of ruin.

In my recent work I have been exploring concepts of spatial containment in montages built from fragments of photographed and painted interiors. Architectures are disrupted by anomalous elements – contradictory light sources, faulty perspective, paradoxes of scale. Light casts shadows in the wrong direction, walls fail to meet in corners, an area of the image can be seen either as an enclosing wall or dark overcast sky.


Hot Chip

Hot Chip mixes an indie sound with a dance music vibe  to create their newest album, Why Make Sense?. The video below is Huarache Lights, the first song on the new alum.


Built to Spill

Built to Spill, an indie rock band from Boise, Idaho, has a new album, Untethered Moon, that is certainly worth checking out. The whole album is solid and fun to listen to.

Built to Spill were one of the most popular indie rock acts of the ’90s, finding the middle ground between postmodern, Pavement-style pop and the loose, spacious jamming of Neil Young.

“Living Zoo” may be the quirkiest new song which is the one below in the video.

I will build you a custom robot for your home! We will collaborate on a theme and design. On average the robots in this series stand 42"-48" tall. They also have illuminated elements using LEDs driven by custom built circuitry.

Robot Repair Shop

Fraley’s Robot Repair was originally an art installation by Toby Atticus Fraley. The installation ran for 17 months in Pittsburgh’s Cultural District. Fraley now has a KickStarter to build a new installation, Robot Repair Shop, in the Pittsburgh International Airport.


Paintings by Anuli Croon

Anuli Croon is a visual artist based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Her paintings are filled with a wild mix of  flat color and, mostly, geometric pattern.  The painting featured is “Fragment of a City (stadsfragment)” and is 180 x 225 cm to offer some perspective into the scale of her work. 


Liam Brazier

Liam Brazier is a London based freelance illustrator and animator.  Much of his work is great, but I am especially fond of these superhero and science fiction characters. Brazier is currently working to complete a new Star Wars illustration every week until The Force Awakens is released in theaters.


Lord Huron, Fool for Love

Lord Huron’s Fool for Love is a great little catchy tune with a fun, entertaining music video and a cool easter egg. The video is a short story of a “The Fool” confronting Lily’s (his lover) other man, “Big Jim.” This is a classic bar brawl scene where the Fool gets everyone in on the action. 

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