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Featured Gallery & Street Art by REMED

THE FANTASTI 4 vs PUREEVIL - Spray and acrylic on wall

THE FANTASTI 4 vs PUREEVIL - Spray and acrylic on wall

I absolutely love the artwork of REMED and I have to thank RQM for showing this to me.  RQM is a talented Berlin MC that collaborated with REMED on COLORS FADE, LIGHT GOES ON to create a great mosaic piece made up of 84 7″ records.  REMED feels like an art superstar, slinging out amazing artwork regularly, on the street and in the gallery.  

Scheissdreck – by Tilllassmann

Scheissdreck by Tilllassmann
Chalk and, well poop.

I love how Tilllassmann’s cartoons, “Chalkies,” interact with the real world around them.  It is great that he can put these anywhere and people in the community get to see new works constantly.  There is also something refreshing about the simplicity of the execution, especially since everything in our modern world has become so complex.

artist & website: Tilllassmann – Flickr Account

Abraham Obama – by Ron English

Abraham Obama by Ron English

Abraham Obama is a humorous and provocative look at an unprecedented political art movement. Street artist Ron English gathers a crew of professional pranksters and hits the road on a grassroots campaign to make public art and promote Obama’s campaign for the Presidency. Abraham Obama takes us on an unforgettable ride as the stories of Ron English unfold alongside musicians and artists such as Shepard Fairey, Jack Medicine, David Choe, Sam Flores, Will.I.Am, Morgan Spurlock and many others.

Tribeca Theater Screening of “Abraham Obama”  Ron English will be on hand for Q&A.

Thu, May 14, 2009, 8:00pm – 92YTribeca, 200 Hudson Street, New York City – ticket info

artist & website: Ron English –

Flower – by Banksy

artist & website: Banksy –

I wanted to feature Banksy today since one of his other works, The Mild Mild West, was vandalized last night  (image of the vandalism below).  A group by the name Appropriate Media splattered red paint on the work last night in their protest of graffiti art work.  The group says:

We call for the appropriate and legitimate use of public and private property. We are taking matters into our own hands

We will not seek permission

We will retaliate

My problem isn’t that they hate graffiti, or even that it was painted over.  That is a known risk that graffiti artists take when creating their work.  The problem that I have with Appropriate Media is they just did the thing they are against to “prove their point.”  What activist participates in what they are fighting against?

Nuage Vert – HeHe

HeHe uses light graffiti to put green clouds on the emissions from local factories.  This was designed to get the public thinking about the environment on a more local level. A full explanation is here:

Nuage Vert is ambiguous, as it doesn’t offer a simple moralistic message, but rather tries to confront the city dweller with an evocative and aesthetic spectacle, which is open to interpretation and challenges ordinary perception. Turning a factory emission cloud green, inevitably, leads to questions being asked.

artist & website: HeHe –