Topic: painting

Paintings by Anuli Croon

Anuli Croon is a visual artist based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Her paintings are filled with a wild mix of  flat color and, mostly, geometric pattern.  The painting featured is “Fragment of a City (stadsfragment)” and is 180 x 225 cm to offer some perspective into the scale of her work. 

Death in an Afternoon

Conor Harrington

I am absolutely loving the paintings of Conor Harrington.  Living somewhere between street art and more “traditional” painting, Harrington’s artwork combines character and controlled styles from the 17th-18th centuries with vibrant color and free-flowing movement found in the street art of today.  



Martin Heuwold aka MEGX, has a knack for transforming uninteresting or abandoned urban structures into something spectacular.  First up are some installations where MEGX transforms vacant storefronts into an expression on the opposite nature of vacant (dead) and occupied (living) storefronts.

Digital Montage Number 1

Nick Gentry

Nick Gentry paints portraits of fit, young people onto collections of old discarded floppy disks.  These pieces are interesting to me, with the importance that our popular culture places on the shiny and new.