A Showcase of Illustration by Thomas Emmet

Thomas Emmet Illustration

Thomas Emmet is not only a successful commercial Illustrator, but he also has a solid collection of personal work.  The images shown here are from his conceptual collection. Most works in this collection include a figure or figures in a rich, complex environment with an abundance of imagery and texture to digest.

I enjoy the fact that Emmet has left the work unexplained. This approach leaves the viewer to decipher whether or not there is any meaning or symbolism to the work, and if so what that meaning might be. This keeps me intrigued as I scan every detail of the illustration as if I am cracking some secret code. I suppose I could have asked him the over asked question, “so what is the meaning behind your work?” But, I feel like he would have told us if he really wanted us to know.

Go to his website if you want to see more of Thomas Emmet’s Illustration.

Thomas Emmet IllustrationThomas Emmet IllustrationThomas Emmet IllustrationThomas Emmet IllustrationThomas Emmet Illustration

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