Can Street Art Change the World?

JR began his art career at 15 as a street artist in Paris. After finding a camera in the subway, JR began documenting his street art adventures and pasting his work on the walls of the street.

JR has created many themed projects around the world. Face2Face is a project where JR pasted a large photo of an Israeli next to a Palestinian in the 8 cities throughout Israel and Palestine. In Women are Heros, JR went to cities around the world photographing women and pasting the art in poor communities where art is a rarity. JR uses his art to comment on the culture he his working in, pushing for change by celebrating what is good.

Favela Morro Da Providencia, Rio de Janeiro


This is only a small sample of the massive collection that JR has created. ¬†Go to JR’s website to see much more of his artwork.

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