Humorous Artwork by Hunter Jonakin

Instead of trying to fool you today like everyone else on the web, I want to draw attention to Hunter Jonakin. Hunter knows how to bring his sense of humor into his artwork.

Jeff Koons Must Die!!! is made up of a fabricated 80’s style stand-up arcade cabinet, and a simulated digital environment presented in a first-person perspective. Viewers must pay twenty-five cents to play the game and the virtual environment is traversed with a joystick and two arcade buttons. The premise of the video game is to allow the viewer to virtually destroy work by the artist, Jeff Koons.

VideoGame-jeff-koons-must-die-hunter-jonakin VideoGame-jeff-koons-must-die-balloon-dog

Jeff Koons Must Die!!! The Video Game from Hunter Jonakin on Vimeo.

People are spending more of their lives online than ever before and some actions in a digital public space can have extremely negative repercussions in real life. The effects of such behavior, such as posting revealing photos of one’s self on a social networking site or online stalking, range from mildly embarrassing to devastating. Certainly, people will eventually learn how not to expose themselves to the dangers of the world wide web but, until then, many users seem perfectly willing to shoot themselves in the foot as well as the feet of their friends.


These are just two of Hunter Jonakin’s pieces. Make sure you visit Hunter Jonakin’s website for more.

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