Selected Landscapes by Warren Krupsaw

I am drawn to Warren Krupsaw’s landscapes, particularly those which feel more abstract or present a reality that I have not actually experienced. His patience to explore one composition in different seasons, lighting, etc. is also something I find interesting. One of the coolest things about running this website is getting opportunities to communicate with great artists around the world.

Nature photographer Warren Krupsaw studied with Ansel Adams, Minor White, and Harry Callahan, receiving his M.F.A. in Photography at R.I.S.D. in 1968.  In 1966, Krupsaw photographed “Operation Deep Freeze” in Antartica and these photographs were featured in the book On The Ice.  Warren Krupsaw’s photographs have also appeared in The Polaroid Book, Investigating The Earth and his self-published book Portraits of Passion and Other Dalliances (Xlibris).  Besides the photographers previously mentioned, Krupsaw draws from the work and writing of Edward Weston as his greatest influence, particularly “to perceive more clearly than the eyes can see” and “to reveal the essence of the thing.”

Taking the time for close observation, my subjects often reveal themselves in wondrous ways. As a kind of ‘visual organizer,’ I also closely identify with Weston’s contention that ‘composition is the strongest way of seeing.’

One of my teachers, Minor White (1908 – 1976) while at M.I.T. taught us that if you can quiet yourself down enough to make a connection with the subject, and everything else is just right, the resulting photograph can be therapeutic; that is my goal.

— Warren Krupsaw













Warren Krupsaw’s work has been exhibited in The Museum of Natural History, The National Portrait Gallery, The National Academy of Sciences, and New York City’s Underground Gallery. I only included a few of his landscapes here, but you can see many more in Warren Krupsaw’s Selected Landscapes gallery.

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