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Featured Sculpture by Ron Gilad

On first seeing images of Ron Gilad’s sculpture, I payed no attention to the actual physical dimensions and assumed these pieces were much larger than they are.  After seeing images of his exhibitions I realized how intriguing this intentional play on scale would be to experience in person.

The Exquisite Toys of Nathan Dube

S.P.E.E.D. (Rapid firing spit wad shooter).

S.P.E.E.D. (Rapid firing spit wad shooter).

Nathan Dube was the first artist featured on Today in Art when I launched the site in November 2007.  Since then I have changed the style of how I post and I wanted to revisit Nathan to feature more of his work.  I love the childlike nature of his work as it invites the viewer to interact with it.  Another wonderful touch is the instructions that come with many of the pieces, illustrated like a comic.