Ursulus victuspedis II by Stephaine Metz

Ursulus Victuspedis II by Stephanie Metz
Felted wool – 6.5″ x 7″ x 5.25″

Stephanie create a variety of anotomical studies of Teddy Bears, reverse engineering found bears to created these felted skulls.

The teddy bear is an idea: a docile, cute, friendly invention far removed from the wild animal that inspired it. I create teddy bear anatomical specimens with a pretense of realness to emphasize the artifice of a familiar but unconsidered subject.

Make sure you checkout her site for more of these wonderful sculptures.  If you enjoy these you will also enjoy the Animatus H, D, L.

artist & website: Stephaine Metz – http://www.stephaniemetz.com/

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