AccuDraw Viewfinder App Review

Have you ever used or do you use a grid viewfinder? Many artists swear by using a grid viewfinder and use them to find a great compostion and record it to their surface.

Well, now there is an app for that. AccuDraw allows the artist to set grids of various sizes on top of photographs to draw or paint from. Some of the features include being able to take a photo to use directly from the app, use photos from your library and save projects.

The app is really straight forward and easy to use and totally worth having in your pocket especially since it is free today. I don’t know how much longer it will be free, so download it today.

Download: AccuDraw – Accurasee

Checkout AccuView too: AccuView – Accurasee

accudraw viewfinder iphone app

A couple of screenshots from the app

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