So where do I begin with Asheville, North Carolina’s RBTS WIN?  I guess I can start by saying they are (expletive-ing) AMAZING!!!!  I had the privilege of playing with them not too long ago.  I was already into what they were doing before, then after seeing them do what they do live solidified it for me.

RBTS was conceived by founding members Brien (Cliff B) Worsham and Javi (Boy In Sleep) Bolea.  The duo’s first release in 2008 was the EP entitled “WIN”.  Shortly after that, long time friend and band mate of Worsham, Jim Debardi joined adding his epic guitar sound, and it was at this point they added the “WIN”.

Fast forward to late December 2011, and we have the release of their most recent full length effort entitled The Dark Ones.  I must say that my STOKED meter was already peaking while anticipating this release, and once it came out I was more than satisfied with the infectious beats and soundscapes.  Not to mention my favorite part of RBTS WIN, in the hooky vocal delivery of Worsham.  I have always thought his tone and melody choices remind me of Interpol frontman Paul Banks, not to put him in that box, but I think that Worsham is in good company along side of Banks.

The Dark Ones as a whole is a brilliant record, but some notable tracks to mention are “Cold Lips”, “Teenage Wolf”,  “The Dark Ones”, “Kentel”, and my personal favorite “All On Your Own”.   The only thing I wish about this record, and the others as well, is that I could own them on vinyl.  I would imagine at some point this will be a possibility.

RBTS WIN are a very busy bunch.  Not long before the release of The Dark Ones they released an EP entitled Upside Down Cross.  In 2010 they released a full length effort  Everything I Do Is Raining as well as an EP Palm Casual.  Every release is for “pay what you want” download.

To get The Dark Ones visit them on their BandCamp site, or if you are “old school” go to the RBTS WIN store and get the CD for $10.  Again, this release is pay what you want, so please don’t be an (expletive), it is well worth paying for, I promise.  While you are there go ahead and pick up Everything I Do Is Raining and Palm Casual.

For more on RBTS WIN visit www.RBTSWIN.com.  Like them on Facebook.  Check them out on ReverbNation.  Follow them at @RBTSWIN

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