9 Great Options for a New Sketchbook

Looking for a new sketchbook, I decided to venture out from the normal black hard cover acid free books that I usually buy.  I spent some time looking and reading about various sketchbooks and found many great choices.  I realize that there are many more options than I have listed here, so if you know of an awesome one that I missed, please let me know in the comments below.

Traditional Sketchbooks

Hand Book Artist Journal

The Hand Book Artist Journal one is similar to the one I usually get, but a bit more colorful, a nicer cover and a handy elastic strap to keep it from flying open if I drop it.

Holbein Multimedia BooksHolbein Multimedia Books

Holbein Multimedia Books remind of the sketch books I used most in school.  I like the idea of being able to completely open, but for some reason it feels cheap, or less permanent.


I could always get a Moleskine.  I have never had one of these but I have seen plenty.  They seem like they would be a great choice since the are a little more portable than what I normally use.

Eastgate SketchbookEastgate Sketchbook

The Eastgate Sketchbook is a hardback book with 100% cotton paper that will hold watercolor. This one is similar to the book I use, but with better paper.

Traditional Premium Sketchbooks

Epica Sketchbook

A premium sketchbook, the Epica Handmade Italian Leather Bound Sketchbook looks great, but obviously has a hefty price tag. I couldn’t afford to draw much if I always used this one.

Renaissance Art Sketchbook
Renaissance Art Sketchbook

The Renaissance Art Sketchbook is beautiful using high-quality acid-free rag paper. But, with a price tag of almost $1 per page, you had better be confident with your work.

Digital Sketchbooks

If I were to commit to digital, it would likely be on one of the three devices below.  I like the idea of digital work for convenience, no wasted paper and flexibility, but I still think I would want to draw on paper.  Are these digital tools to drawing as digital cameras are to photography?


The Wacom Cintiq looks like it would be fabulous, but not very portable. I do like that you use a stylus which would feel like a pencil or pen in my hand.
Brushes App for iPhone and iPod
Apple iPhone or iPod

I use my iPod everyday but I still don’t enjoy drawing or sketching on it as much as “real” media.  I feel like the screen is too small, but maybe if I gave it some time I would get used to it.

Drawing on the Apple iPadApple iPad

Coming out in April, the Apple iPad seems like a great tool for drawing.  Brushes will have a new version available for people to download which takes advantage of the extra screen resolution.  It seems like it would be large enough to draw on and small enough to be portable.   I am thinking about getting one and will post my thoughts on it if I do.

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