Works by Motoi Yamamoto


To Remembrance – Detail – salt
Konichi – Soy sauce factory / Ishikawa, Japan
October 2009

Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto creates unique works of art that are nothing short of amazing. These large installations are extremely intricate and detailed, taking many long days to complete. Yamamoto creates these works with ordinary materials like salt and glue. On the exhibits that use salt, Yamamoto collects the salt and returns it to the ocean as a performance piece, “Return to the Sea.”

“The form as the work disappears. However, this salt dissolves in seawater and will support the life of various creatures. Possibly the opportunity when we eat it may come. Of course it is the best joy for me if it can meet again as material of the works.”

LABYRINTH<br /> by Motoi Yamamoto
LABYRINTH – salt – 13.5 x 8.2 m
Hundred Stories About Love
21th Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Japan
April – August, 2009

SAKURA by Motoi Yamamoto SAKURA – cherry – salt
Conception take from / Funa-asobi, Ishikawa
Nov. 2008

Sakura Detail by Motoi Yamamoto

Detail of work above.

Below is a time lapse video of Yamamoto at work.

And, this is a video showing how the work is completed. – no sound

artist & website: Motoi Yamamoto

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