Auryn Ink iPad App Review

Auryn Ink does a great job of simulating watercolor on paper and it a fun way to quickly experiment with various colors, brushes and more. I do wonder why the app is called Auryn Ink and not Auryn Watercolor though.

This app includes options for colors, brushes, paper type, the wetness of the paint, tilt and more.  You can even instantly dry the paper at any point. The painting can look a little pixelated on the edges so you may have to reduce the scale some for a smoother look. Hopefully this will be something they address in future updates.  Like all of the other drawing/painting apps I have used on iPad, this app limits the resolution to 1024×768; and at this point I am wondering if this is a ceiling imposed by Apple.

auryn ink

While this app is certainly no replacement for real watercolor paints and paper, I do see some practical uses.  This app would be great for things like quickly creating a watercolor effects for digital works or experimenting with different colors and water saturation levels before diving in and using your real paper and paints.

I feel like this app is pretty amazing and certainly worth the $1.99 price point.

Download: Auryn Ink – Auryn Inc.

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