Digital Artwork by James George

James George creates unique and distorted views of the world around him by manipulating imagery captured from camera with code and audio soundtracks.  Being a tech junkie myself, I was initially drawn in with the imagery that he captured using an Xbox Kinect and an HD SLR camera.

we took the kinect to Union Square for candid shots mixing HD SLR and the depth image in a custom openframeworks application

The next 3 images below were from this study.

Movement through urban environments induces levels of overstimulation that result in a blurring of memory. As repetitive days move into the past, their uneventful moments seep together until indistinguishable. Only moments of shock or sudden change will resolve when recalled.

“Hikari Cube”, steel and electronic cube 10″ x 10″ x 10″, a sensory collaboration between Miya Ando and James George. Designed to look like a steel cube, this sculpture has a hidden motion detector able to ‘hear’ when a person is approaching- which then mimics normal breathing patterns via a light which is transmitted through the cube. The piece is a representative study of how non-sentient objects are able to absorb the energy around them, and the notion that sense, memory, and spirit is transferable to the inanimate like tools, buildings, or even entire cities.

Sniff – interactive dog that follows you around, discerns your gestures as friendly or aggressive and tries to engage you in a play. built with openFrameworks, unity3d and blender3d.

You can see much more of James George’s work on his website or Flickr page.

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