Digital Paintings by Nikolai Lockertsen

Russel 01 - iPad - brushes

Nikolai Lockertsen is a digital artist creating fantastic artwork with his computer and iPad.  The images below were drawn/painted with his iPad using various applications, listed below.  Each piece tells it’s own story and is completed with the utmost attention to detail and Lockertsen incorporates rich textures and color palettes into each of them.

Software used for these works:

Rug01 iPad, Brushes and Snapseed

Rug01 - iPad - Brushes and Snapseed

Old Man 01 iPad n brushes

Old Man 01 - iPad - Brushes

Happy Couple 01 iPad - Brushes

Happy Couple 01 - iPad - Brushes

Candyshop01 Ipad n brushes

Candyshop01 - iPad - Brushes

Russel 01 - iPad - brushes

Russel 01 - iPad - Brushes


See more artwork by Nikolai Lockertsen on his website or his Flickr stream.

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