Featured Sculpture by Leonardo Drew

Leonardo Drew unifies seemingly random, ordinary objects into large scale sculptural installations. These objects reference and reflect Drew’s own history and background.

Recurring and opposing themes of deterioration and regeneration, and death and resurrection, distinguish Drew’s sculptural compositions. He manipulates the process of degeneration by exposing the components of his works to natural elements over time. Drew believes that rusting, a sign of aging, “tells us nothing lasts forever, everything changes.” Spending more than twelve hours daily engaging in labor- intensive efforts, including stripping, scraping, cutting, burning, and rusting materials in large rustfilled vats, Drew creates prolifically, with differences in works being determined by materials and the locales from which they were gleaned (often city dumps) and the spaces in which a work is made.

— Directions

Leonardo Drew has a great collection of sculpture on his website, but keep in mind that work like this is meant to be seen in person.  Try to catch an exhibit if you can.

number 90

Number 90 - 168 x 672 x 58 inches cast paper, various materials

Number 80

Number 80 - cast paper, misc. objects 204 x 672 x 4 inches

Number 77

Number 77 - rust, wood, misc. objects 204 x 672 x 4 inches

Number 75

Number 75 - rust, wood, misc. objects 144 x 144 x 4 inches

Number 75 - detail

Number 75 - Detail

Number 43 fabric, wood, rust 132 x 288 x 7 inches

Number 43 - fabric, wood, rust 132 x 288 x 7 inches

Number 43 - Detail

Number 43 - Detail

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