Magnetic Liquid Sculptures by Sachiko Kodama

Protrude, Flow

By now you may have seen the car commercial, I can’t find it at the moment, showing a magnetic liquid sculpture as the theme. I had to find out who did these and am astounded by the images and video I found. Sachiko Kodama, part artist and part physicist, is the creator behind these fascinating works.

About “Protrude, Flow” she says,

This experience cannot be acquired in everyday life, and once experienced, can never be forgotten. People watch ferrofluid spikes reflecting light—like a mirror—being pulled up under a strong vertical magnetic field surrounded by white LED illumination, and see a mountain composed of many sharp sword-like spikes. The ferrofluid motion has been carefully designed to allow people to feel the exact timing of the movements, by making the liquid move very slowly, so that they begin developing expectations as to what will happen next. Fluid, much like living life, moves and breathes. The moment when many protrusions occur at once on the dark, lustrous, flat surface of the fluid is the central moment in this installation.

Kodama’s work is amazing and a must see.  Go to for more.

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