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Waves by Daniel Palacios

I am very much a sucker for art that mixes with science in anyway.  In this piece, Waves, Daniel Palacios uses a string attached to 2 motors to interpret sound detected in the surrounding environment.

Johan Rijpma, Tape Generations

Johan Rijpma breathes life into ordinary rolls of packing tape by sticking them to the ceiling in various patterns and allowing gravity to take over. He does also lean on some clever video work to add some appeal to the whole thing. This video of the work is fantastic and well worth watching.

Magnetic Liquid Sculptures by Sachiko Kodama

Protrude, Flow

By now you may have seen the car commercial, I can’t find it at the moment, showing a magnetic liquid sculpture as the theme. I had to find out who did these and am astounded by the images and video I found. Sachiko Kodama, part artist and part physicist, is the creator behind these fascinating works.

The Walking Kinetic Sculpture of Theo Jansen

Living somewhere between kinetic sculpture and conceptual robotics, Theo Jansen’s creations are just as visually interesting as they are from a functional perspective.  Since I first featured Theo Jansen on Today in Art, there have not been many new photos added.  Recently, new photos of Jansen and his creatures have been uploaded.  This is exciting and I can’t wait to see where he goes with his work.