Regret – by Lori Earley

Regret - by Lori Earley
oil on board, 24″ x 36″ – featured in her solo show “Anima Sola” at the Opera Gallery NYC

artist & website: Lori Earley –

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6 Responses to “Regret – by Lori Earley”

  1. Heather Kilgore on

    Lori’s works all speak volumes and the detail in each work is simply amazing. At first glance I was convinced that these were photographs, when I realized they were in fact paintings I was awestruck. This work is breathtaking.

  2. Florencia Giammona on

    i have to say ur paintings are like a motivation. It’s hardly to believe the fact they re done in oil. they re just perfectly detailed,its like a dream come true.

    i agree with heather kilgore: this work is breathtaking.

    kisses from Buenos Aires,Argentina

  3. mark on

    they are beautfiul. i am a big fan of lori’s work, but to say that they look photographic is a bit of a stretch. the proportions she uses aren’t exactly…human, you know?