Sculptural Statements by James Gilbert

I first found James Gilbert through the Dallas Contempory facebook page. I am now fascinated with his artwork and cannot wait to see what he creates next. Gilbert and Jennifer Vanderpool are exhibiting “Worker” at Pitzer College galleries in Claremont, CA.

James Gilbert is a Los Angeles based artist who works across mediums creating installations with video and sound, drawings and performance. These works comment on social issues including the uneasy relationship between identity, privacy, behavior and the influences from our environment including 24-hour news cycles, mass media, social networks, mass transportation or the economy. The work relationship exists through concern, social engagement and humor. Gilbert often utilizes materials that have transparency, plasticity, or materials imbued with history and narrative.

James Gilbert’s website has much more sculpture to see. Also, checkout Dallas Contemporary on facebook and finally, a more detailed description and artist interview for Worker is on SCPR


Worker - Fabric


Worker - Fabric

tweeted, googled and inappropriately touched

Tweeted, Googled and Inappropriately Touched - plastic, thread

warnings and instructions-james-gilbert-08

Warnings and Instructions - Plastic, thread, wood, paint

Warnings and Instructions

Warnings and Instructions - Airplane - Plastic, thread, wood, paint

Warnings and Instructions - Fun Raft of Medusa

Warnings and Instructions - Fun Raft of Medusa - Plastic, thread, wood, paint

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