Street and Gallery Paintings by Michael De Feo

Michael De Feo is best known for his ubiquitous flowers painted on buildings around the world, infusing a childlike innocence to the street’s walls.

Michael’s new body of work is an expansion of his concentration with self portraiture, now including portraits of family, friends, and lovers. His paintings and drawings frequently explore the archetypical themes of love, death, loss, conflict, and renewal.

Like De Feo’s international street art flower project, his paintings and drawings have a childlike optimism while also examining more mature themes such as the ephemeral nature of all living things. Additionally, by installing some of his self portrait paintings onto city streets he metaphorically places his inside, outside. Michael has installed these portraits on the streets of New York, Miami, Buenos Aires, and Hong Kong.

Michael De Feo has a show opening March 8, 2011, Coming in from the Outside, at Orange Dot Gallery, London. You can also checkout more artwork on Michael De Feo’s website.

Tarascon Flowers for Splash

Tarascon Flowers

Miami Flowers for Splash

Miami Flowers



self portrait

self portrait

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