Street Art by Damon Ginandes

Degraw Street Mural, Brooklyn, NY :: Spray Paint & Latex Acrylic 60′ x12′

Damon Ginandes, a Brooklyn based mixed media artist, paints elaborate compositions of portraits intermingling with one another.

Devoid of context and stripped of external identity, they are portraits of souls – ageless, anonymous, and solitary. Their longing stares serve as a mute communication from which a distinct visual and psychological intimacy emerges.

Degraw Street Mural Detail

Vigil – Ramiken Crucible
Manhatten, NY – Latex Acrylic 25′ x 15′

Vigil Detail

Far Sight
Mixed media relief, Acrylic on Wood, 92″ x 40″

far sight detail
Far Sight Detail

artist & website: Damon Ginandes –

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