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Self-confidence Produces Fine Results, Banana Wall – by Stefan Sagmeister

Self-confidence Produces Fine Results, Banana Wall - by Stefan Sagmeister
Banana Wall, 10,000 bananas and glue – Now, when I first saw this image it didn’t do much for me, though I did enjoy a couple photos of other pieces.  What made me feature this piece was the discussion surrounding that has begun to swell around it on the internet. Some of the discussions include is it or is it not art, what a waste of food that could have fed the hungry, etc.  The one that interests me most is the  discussions fueled by the anger of the wasted of food. I guess it just shows how socially aware everyone is becoming and that to me is exciting.  Anyway, what do you think?

artist & website: Stefan Sagmeister – Link to the show

Turmoil – By Joroko

Turmoil - By Joroko
LOADED ART! is a product of creative expression through awareness for social change. Established soon after the 2004 presidential elections LOADED ART! is art for change not for profit. Backed by punk ideals and fueled by the lack of activism that exists among the art scene as a whole LOADED ART! is an on-going body of political/social mixed media wall sculptures that reflect our current events. For the past 4 years the focus has been heavily political due to the U.S.’s current world position. Conceptual protests carried out by an unique means of creative expression to reach a diverse group of people. – Bricolage – 48″x48″x5″

artist & website: Joroko – http://www.joroko.com