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The Lost Light Drawings of Picasso

How did I miss that Pablo Picasso did light drawings? LIFE Magazine has a wonderful collection of photos showing Picasso creating light drawings.  I apologize if you have already seen this, but I didn’t realize that Picasso was an early light drawing artist. From my earliest years of drawing, I have always been in awe of Picasso’s work. It is exciting to see work by him that is so new to me and I am astounded at how ahead of his time these are.

Nuage Vert – HeHe

HeHe uses light graffiti to put green clouds on the emissions from local factories.  This was designed to get the public thinking about the environment on a more local level. A full explanation is here: http://hehe.org.free.fr/hehe/texte/nv/index.html

Nuage Vert is ambiguous, as it doesn’t offer a simple moralistic message, but rather tries to confront the city dweller with an evocative and aesthetic spectacle, which is open to interpretation and challenges ordinary perception. Turning a factory emission cloud green, inevitably, leads to questions being asked.

artist & website: HeHe – http://hehe.org.free.fr/hehe/nuagevert/