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Johan Rijpma, Tape Generations

Johan Rijpma breathes life into ordinary rolls of packing tape by sticking them to the ceiling in various patterns and allowing gravity to take over. He does also lean on some clever video work to add some appeal to the whole thing. This video of the work is fantastic and well worth watching.


JP Auclair Street Segment (from All.I.Can.)

In an industry littered with “me too” films about skiing, it would seem unlikely that something truly creative and original could emerge. This teaser short from the film All.I.Can., does that and more. It all begins with gorgeous camera work as the film builds suspense

Featured Artwork by Whitney Lynn

Whitney Lynn works in various mediums, often including an element of performance. Lynn’s artwork can be seen in an upcoming exhibition, God Only Knows Who the Audience Is: Performance, Video, and Television Through the Lens of La Mamelle / ART COM.


The North Wind Blew South – by Keith Loutit

The North Wind Blew South - by Keith Loutit

The North Wind Blew South is a tilt shift/stop animation piece by Keith Loutit.  This technique create a nice animation that feels as if you are watching models of real people, objects, etc. move about.  The music and imagery work well together and create a relaxing video that I really enjoyed.