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Programmed Hive #8 – by Hilary Berseth

Programmed Hive 8 by Hilary Berseth

Berseth creates the base structure for these wonderful sculptures and his bees finish it by adding the rich honeycomb texture.  According to BoingBoing,

Berseth’s armatures each go into a closed box in the spring, and then the respective colonies take over, filling out his templates with wax cells, then stuffing them with honey. “The last two seasons, I’ve been working with a beekeeper whose name is Jim Bobb,” he says, explaining where he turns for expertise. “He has a graduate degree in mathematics from Berkeley–he’s a minor beekeeping celebrity.”

artist & website: Hilary Berseth –  http://www.elevenrivington.com/artists/BERSETH/artistpg_berseth.html