The Last Names

The Last Names is comprised of Justin Rice and his wife Darbie Rice (Nowatka). Justin, also a founding member of Bishop Allen, is notable for his roles in a few indie films such as Harmony and Me, Let Them Chirp Awhile, and my personal favorite Mutual Appreciation, among others. Darbie is also a member of Bishop Allen, contributing vocals to some of their records as well as their live shows.

The Last Names have just released their first three songs from their forthcoming album titled Wilderness, at the beginning of January 2012. They have been released via their bandcamp site for a FREE download. If I could say one thing about this release is that I can’t wait to hear more than just these three ethereal, beautiful, breathy compositions.

I have been a fan of Justin Rice, both on screen and musically for quite some time. These three songs does not disappoint. The song Dirt has this classic feel of The Zombies or The Association and that is never a bad thing. Dead Reckoning sounds like it could have come right off of The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds…again, never a bad thing. One Black Feather, is reminiscent of what they have done in Bishop Allen.

The fact that this is a free download makes this a very special treat for the ears, although I would have paid for these songs alone. I give these songs a 4 out of 5, but I must admit my partiality to the work of Mr. Rice. I greatly anticipate the release of full album. Release date is TBD.


Bishop Allen – Click, Click, Click

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