Works by Kevin Van Aelst

The Heart, 2009, digital c-print, 40 x 30″

Kevin Van Aelst is a New England artist creating some extraordinary works from very ordinary objects.  I have included a few of his works here, but you should visit his website to see more of his work.

The images aim to examine the distance between the ‘big picture’ and the ‘little things’ in life—the banalities of our daily lives, and the sublime notions of identity and existence.  While the depictions of information–such as an EKG, fingerprint, map or anatomical model–are unconventional, the truth and accuracy to the illustrations are just as valid as more traditional depictions. This work is about creating order where we expect to find randomness, and also hints that the minutiae all around us is capable of communicating much larger ideas.

Add Friend, 2009, digital c-print, 30 x 40

Join Group, 2009, digital c-print, 30 x 40


Elsewhere, 2009, digital c-print, 36 x 24″

artist & website: Kevin Van Aelst –

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