10 Clean Social Media Icons


I know that I have some web designers that read the site, so this post is targeted toward them.  I needed some social media icons for a site that I am working on.  Everywhere I looked all I saw were glass icons. Yes I realize I have a glassy icon in the top right corner of this site, but there will be no glass on the new site (coming soon).  Needing a clean set of social media icons that were not glassy, I created these.  The link includes a .PSD download and sorry they are not all in vector.  I hope these are useful to someone. 🙂

UPDATED: New download

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23 Responses to “10 Clean Social Media Icons”

  1. Keith Eldred on

    My company is looking for icons to use as email links. These look great, but I’m trying to understand the intellectual property aspect. Do you have permission from the owners of the logos to use them like this? If so, I’ll happily use them. Thanks.

  2. Rainey on

    Hi Keith, I do not have permission from the individual companies to place their logo into a colored square like this. However it is promotion for them and there are many icons like these across the web. Many of these companies offer logo icons for download on their site. The problem is once you get all of you logos, they will be various sizes etc. and will not look good together on your work. Sorry, I wish I could tell you what to do.

  3. shrop on

    Great job on these. The best I have seen and I have been looking for a while. I may create a YouTube icon. If I do, I will make sure to get it back to you if you want to include.


  4. Lesa on

    I was looking for a thumbnail of many social media sites and this was perfect! I hope that you don’t mind that I just used the graphic from this page. I also downloaded your icons for use later. Thanks for creating such great graphics for those of us who aren’t that grahically gifted!

  5. Arvindhanp on

    Great site, exactly contain what im searching for….
    need to complete the assinment further using this….