16 Clean Social Media Icons

These are 16 clean social media icons sized at 64×64, 32×32, 20×20 and the originally PSD if you want another size.

I decided to release the new Today in Art blog theme for as a premium WordPress Theme for others to use (I hope to launch this next week). Part of building this theme required me to add social media icons for a few popular services. Last year I released 10 Clean Social Media Icons that I made for Today in Art. This new set includes icons for Linkedin, twitter, RSS, reddit, facebook, del.icio.us, flickr, tumblr, digg, freindfeed, stumbleupon, design float, vimeo, Google, Blogger and You Tube. Enjoy!

16 Clean Social Media Icons PSD

16-clean-icons-sized.zip (106 kb)
16-clean-icons.psd.zip (360 kb)

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29 Responses to “16 Clean Social Media Icons”

    • Max on

      I’m interested in the answer too. I want to use them for customer’s pages but I don’t want to sell the icons alone.

      And, I’m really annoyed that I can’t find your e-mail adress here. 🙁

      • Rainey on

        First, I do not have permission from the individual companies to place their logo into a colored square like this. However it is promotion for them and there are many icons like these across the web. Many of these companies offer logo icons for download on their site, but placing various size-shaped icons on a website looks awful. I just did these because I couldn’t find any simple and clean icons at the time and thought it would be cool to share.

        With that said, I have no problem with you using these icons on commercial websites 🙂

        Sorry about the email address thing. I get lots of it and people tend to be more selective on what they send via Facebook or Google+. My email address is showus@todayinart.com. Feel free to send me a message, but I will likely respond slowly. Sorry, only so many hours in the day.