Banksy Tagging Up Hollywood?

New graffiti artwork by the world famous graffiti artist Banksy is being tweeted and blogged from LosAngeles.  Banksy’s documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop, has been nominated for an Oscar and the award ceremonies are just around the corner.

How do we know they are are Banksy? Well, someone is claiming the artwork on Banksy’s website.  So, Banksy is in Hollywood for the Oscars, does this mean he will actually accept the award if he wins?  If so, will he try to disguise himself?  If he attends will “Mr. Brainwash” be sitting with him at the table?

Whatever happens, it will be fun watching new street art surface in Hollywood.


This one was first tweeted by @LaurenConrad


This image is from

banksy-billboard-mickey-hollywood dog-wizz-hollywood

I will update this post as if more work appears and I am sure Banksy’s website will also be updated with the latest.

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