BMW Kinetic Sculpture

BMW Kinetic Sculpture

This will be the first of a new series of posts, though I do not yet know what I will call them.  When I created this site, I wanted to deliver art in a sterile, gallery like environment and I did not want to let my opinion shape the mind of users about the work in one way or another.  I have strayed from this concept occasionally, but these new posts will be more opinion based and will hopefully spark some interesting conversation.

So, the first topic is the new series is the BMW Kinetic Sculpture created by Art+Com. Now art for commercial purposes is nothing new, but art created by agencies or creative businesses for customers for advertisement seems to be growing in popularity.  I think this “kinetic sculpture” has some real potential, but falls a little short.  I really enjoy some of the motion, but the static words displayed on the wall seem forced and unnecessary.

The second thing that bothers me, and my major issue with this piece, is the way it is tagged as being created by a creative agency.  In my opinion art should be attached to the individual artist or artists involved.  I know that sometimes anonymous art can be powerful, but that is not the case here.  In this case Art+Com gets all of the “credit” while we have to search to find the names of those who actually did the work.

So the reason for featuring this is to pose this question:
Can art be created by agency or creative group? And, is the term sculpture being used too loosely here?

See the BMW Kinetic Sculpture here or the youtube video (less quality and worse music) below:

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4 Responses to “BMW Kinetic Sculpture”

  1. hill on

    I have to agree. This piece could be so much more if it were not married to the BMW brand, though I am sure this is the purpose of it. Cool commercial exhibit, not “art”, in my opinion.