Flower – by Banksy

artist & website: Banksy – http://www.banksy.co.uk

I wanted to feature Banksy today since one of his other works, The Mild Mild West, was vandalized last night  (image of the vandalism below).  A group by the name Appropriate Media splattered red paint on the work last night in their protest of graffiti art work.  The group says:

We call for the appropriate and legitimate use of public and private property. We are taking matters into our own hands

We will not seek permission

We will retaliate

My problem isn’t that they hate graffiti, or even that it was painted over.  That is a known risk that graffiti artists take when creating their work.  The problem that I have with Appropriate Media is they just did the thing they are against to “prove their point.”  What activist participates in what they are fighting against?

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3 Responses to “Flower – by Banksy”

  1. tinktank on

    Boo hiss. These Appropriate Media folks suck! Good thing they aren’t against guns, no telling what they might do about that 😉