Topic: mixed media

The Lost Light Drawings of Picasso

How did I miss that Pablo Picasso did light drawings? LIFE Magazine has a wonderful collection of photos showing Picasso creating light drawings.  I apologize if you have already seen this, but I didn’t realize that Picasso was an early light drawing artist. From my earliest years of drawing, I have always been in awe of Picasso’s work. It is exciting to see work by him that is so new to me and I am astounded at how ahead of his time these are.

Drawing on the iPad, a Brushes & Sketchbook Pro Walkthrough

Brushes and Sketchbook Pro on the iPadAfter getting an iPad, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Brushes and Sketchbook Pro. Both of these apps are really nice on the iPod and iPhone, but I had not taken to them like I had hoped. I found that the screen size was crippling for me and this was too great a hurdle for me to overcome. The iPad is a much better tool for drawing since the size is closer to the size of a sketch book. The iPad also has more room to include app menus and options.