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9 Great Options for a New Sketchbook

Looking for a new sketchbook, I decided to venture out from the normal black hard cover acid free books that I usually buy.  I spent some time looking and reading about various sketchbooks and found many great choices.  I realize that there are many more options than I have listed here, so if you know of an awesome one that I missed, please let me know in the comments below.

22 Beautiful & Creative iPhone Apps

Creative iPhone, iPod and iPad apps

Creative iPhone, iPod and iPad apps

I decided to write a post about iPhone apps to explore how art is influencing the world around us.   I set out to find apps that are creative and imagery to interact with the user in a unique way.  Games immediately come to mind when I begin my search, but I started to see amazing utility apps like clocks and music generators that have been completely re-imagined.