e.stylo Touchscreen Stylus Review

The folks at Plai sent me the e.stylo to try and I am hooked. The e.stylo is a touchscreen stylus in the form of a familiar feeling wooden pencil. Each end of the e.stylo is set with a tip at different angles. I did not understand this at first, but touch screens require a slightly blunt area to to recognize touch and the e.stylo has a precise tip that can be calibrated to match as that tip in many drawing apps. Plai explained this in their email, but I didn’t really have trouble with the angles they chose, as they are comfortable and easy for me to use.


The e.stylo in action.

After opening my e.stylo I immediately put it to use with ease. As I was drawing, I did become a little nervous from the sound I was hearing as the stylus tapped on the screen. After looking into this, I found that the tip is softer than the screen and it will not scratch the device. However, Plai does recommend cleaning the screen and stylus tip before use. In my excitement I showed the stylus to a co-worker who tried the stylus out as well. It took him a little longer to get used to one of the angles, but he did get used to it and enjoyed the experience.


This stylus is a really nice find and I would recommend it to any artist desiring a more tactile drawing experience with their device. The experience is good on a an iPhone and even better on the iPad. The stylus is also light weight and easy to use. From my experience with the people that I have showed this to, the learning curve is small and for some there was almost no learning curve at all. Some may be annoyed that the stylus must remain flat on the screen, but it really is easy enough to do so. Also, if manipulated properly, you can achieve a more sketchy look by rocking the tip back and forth while drawing.

e.stylo is compatible with any iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android device. It is also compatible with the Pre, Pre Plus, Pre 2, Nintendo DS and a number of other tablet PCs.

Learn more about the e.stylo touchscreen stylus at Plai.tv.

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