Getting Up: The Tempt One Story

This looks like an inspiring story and an awesome foundation. The Not Impossible Foundation is working to create solutions for impossible challenges. The EyeWriter is the first of these challenges and they are working with TEMPT to develop the technology.

Getting Up is a documentary about the life of artist TEMPT. It asks the question, ‘How does a fallen man get back up?’

Tony ‘TEMPT’ Quan is a legendary LA graffiti artist, social activist and publisher. In 2003, TEMPT was diagnosed with ALS. Except for the use of his eyes, he is now unable to move, breathe or speak… but his mind and creative spirit are intact.

Mick Ebeling founded the Not Impossible Foundation in order to give a voice back to TEMPT, and in 2009 an open-source DIY device called ‘The EyeWriter’ was created that allowed TEMPT to once again do his art.

Getting Up beautifully illustrates that through the will of two men, and on the shoulders of a community, anything is possible.

How to Build an EyeWriter

See more on the Getting Up Facebook page.

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