Untitled – by skullphone

Untitled - by skullphone
digital billboard, artist/hacker

Originally posted March 25
The artist known as skullphone hacked digital billboard around LA a few days ago to display his symbol among the adds.

updated March 26: The billboard was in fact not hacked, thanks Ann for pointing me somewhere for verification of this. Apparently, this was a paid ad. This certainly brings the cool factor down, but what really sucks is he someone lied about it. I know that he is trying to market himself, but at what expense. Wow…, we all know who he is now, but next time he does something we are going to wonder if we are being duped.

video of the work
Additional info here – link.

artist & website: skullphone – http://skullphone.com

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10 Responses to “Untitled – by skullphone”

  1. Inda Know on

    Dang — you been punk’d! Not fair to post to a blog, knowing that sister will cite sister, brother will tag brother. This is such a hoax. Too weird reading news that’s false and being made to feel like a gradeschooler who just learned that it’s not acceptable to cite Wikipedia. This was paid advertising to clearchannel, this skull ad, and the blog was part of the campaign. I can’t believe you’re spreading this news as real.

  2. admin on

    @Inda – This isn’t a news site, its an art blog and we simply put up new art daily. I don’t know if this is a “hoax” or not, but whatever it is it has people talking. No stipulation exists to say that art can’t exist in a paid for domain. I will admit that it lowers the cool factor if it is indeed paid for and not a hack. I would also love to know where you got your information from since I have seen nothing else like it anywhere. If you can point me to some supporting evidence I will make an edit to the blog post. I also want to thank you for your comment and not being afraid to call me out.


  3. jennifer on

    I dont think the artist ever claimed to have hacked anything, you may want to do more research before saying someone lied about something

  4. admin on

    @jennifer fair enough. From the stories below however it appears that he claimed to have hacked the billboards. Anyway, draw your own conclusion, because it is clear that we will not know what really happened, especially since skullphone hasn’t published response to all of this on his site or myspace yet.

    Super Touch