Waves by Daniel Palacios

I am very much a sucker for art that mixes with science in anyway.  In this piece, Waves, Daniel Palacios uses a string attached to 2 motors to interpret sound detected in the surrounding environment.

The rope stays in constant movement from the rotation of its anchoring points. Depending on the
presence of the public, the frequency of rotation at each end is varied, which causes some visible
and audible alterations in the wave.
When no presence is detected, the installation goes into ‘rest’ mode, disconnecting the engines
which create the waves in the rope and thus creating a line between both modules.
The vibration produced in the rope is amplifi ed as it cuts through the air at high speed, creating the
sound environment depending on the activity of the piece (the movements of the public) as a result.
The more immobile and still we are in front of the piece, the more harmonious the waves and
sounds will be, but when the public moves more, it will create more irregular graphics at the same
time as stronger, more abrupt sounds.

Be sure to checkout Daniel Palacio’s website for more great artwork.



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