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Spam woes

Some folks have noticed that this little site has gained the attention of spammers, sweet!  Anyway, I have been looking into options for fighting this and will be implementing new security measures.  Please bare with me as I work to complete this and sorry for some random and irrelevant blogs that slip through.

1000 True Fans

Kevin Kelly posted 1000 True Fans in his blog yesterday discussing the Long Tail of certain niches. In his post he shows how a creative person only needs 1000 true fans. Kevin’s definition of a true fan is someone who will buy almost anything that you create. Kevin discusses some practical ways of accomplishing this and how pleasant and invigorating it is to be able to personally respond to fans of your work. Building your micro-celebrity status is easier than ever with free tools found on the internet. Checkout his post and begin building your fan base. – found via boingboing