Topic: sculpture

The Big Bang - Detail

Anna Garforth

Most of Anna Garforth’s artwork is created from materials not usually selected for making art.  Food, moss, trash, etc. are used to bring her projects to life.  The first work that caught my eye was the moss works, but I also enjoy her other art as well.

Waves by Daniel Palacios

I am very much a sucker for art that mixes with science in anyway.  In this piece, Waves, Daniel Palacios uses a string attached to 2 motors to interpret sound detected in the surrounding environment.

Johan Rijpma, Tape Generations

Johan Rijpma breathes life into ordinary rolls of packing tape by sticking them to the ceiling in various patterns and allowing gravity to take over. He does also lean on some clever video work to add some appeal to the whole thing. This video of the work is fantastic and well worth watching.

Phil Cuttance

Phil Cuttance not only creates precise and clean faceted geometric forms.  Cuttance also transforms this process into an art with a video below, which is equally as clean and precise.

Daphne 53 x 17 x 40" hand built porcelain

Kate MacDowell – (inter) Sections

Kate MacDowell uses her artwork to comment on the beauty of our world and how we as humans appreciate and desire this beauty.  Contrasting to this is our desire for a convenient and easy lifestyle which impacts the beauty of the world around us.  MacDowell crafts these beautifully and intricately detailed works in porcelain.



Here is something fun for Friday. Filippo Perin (PHIL) sculpts fantastic small characters and toys from paper.