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20 Ingenious Origami & Folded Paper Creations

Origami is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, which throughout its history has produced beautifully crafted objects and inventions. There is something particularly attractive about elements of the natural world recreated in delicately folded paper forms, and animals and plants have been a favourite subject for origami artists. The evolution of mathematics has been reflected in ever more complex geometric paper creations, while digital technology has enabled intricately mapped patterns. This post brings together twenty examples of ingenious origami and folded paper art and design.

The Exquisite Toys of Nathan Dube

S.P.E.E.D. (Rapid firing spit wad shooter).

S.P.E.E.D. (Rapid firing spit wad shooter).

Nathan Dube was the first artist featured on Today in Art when I launched the site in November 2007.  Since then I have changed the style of how I post and I wanted to revisit Nathan to feature more of his work.  I love the childlike nature of his work as it invites the viewer to interact with it.  Another wonderful touch is the instructions that come with many of the pieces, illustrated like a comic.

Luke Jerram’s Deadly Glass Sculptures

Smallpox, HIV and an 'Untitled Future Mutation'

Smallpox, HIV and an 'Untitled Future Mutation'

The thing I love most about these glass sculptures is my response when I realize what they are. At first glance I see beautiful 3-D glass sculptures that have been crafted with perfection. When I realize what they represent, I get a feeling of eeriness, awe and curiosity. Luke Jerram creates beautiful sculptures of really “ugly” viruses.

Parasitic Installations by Dennis Feddersen

dark matter #01 - 800 x 650 x 450 cm / PVC, Styropor, Tennissaite, Schrauben

dark matter #01 - 800 x 650 x 450 cm

Dennis Feddersen thinks big and his sculpture truly invades the space it occupies.  Indoors or outside, his sculpture installations force their way into view as they overtake the surrounding environment.  There is an uncomfortable beauty that I find in these installations as they seem playfully dangerous.