Featured Paintings by Patrick King

Children’s Stoves – Oil on Linen 40 x 60

I crossed paths with Patrick when I featured one of his T-shirts in my post, 25 T-shirts for Artists and Wannabes. I later found out that Patrick is also a talented painter.  Patrick’s paintings are rich in exaggerated color depicting typical suburban American scenes and adding a bit tension it.

This choice of hometown as my primary landscape and the inevitable exploitation of early memory is not nostalgic – if anything it is anti-nostalgia. Nor am I following fashion by wallowing in the current fleeting obsession with victim status and exorcism of one’s past so thoroughly politically correct in the art world this month. Instead it is a careful and conscious reprocessing of the barrage of both collective and personal influences that a child of the first TV generation could not escape.

Much more about his Patrick’s is available on his website, http://patrickking.org.  He also runs http://typographyshop.com where he sells some amazing T-shirts.

Tug of War – Oil on Linen, 60 x 92

Gulf – Oil on Linen, 64 x 50

The Seige of Jean Avenue – Oil on Linen, 55 x 96

My Parents’ Driveway at Dusk – Oil on Birch Panel, 22 x 36

Night Waterer – Oil on Linen, 10 x 5

artist & website: Patrick King – http://patrickking.org

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