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25 Incredible Negative Photos

In photography, a negative image is a total inversion of an ordinary, positive one. What was once dark becomes light and vice versa. Colours are flipped completely, with reds turning to blue and blues to yellow. The results are often diverse, with many negative photos, particularly those of people, plants and animals, taking on a ghostly or unearthly quality.

The Lost Light Drawings of Picasso

How did I miss that Pablo Picasso did light drawings? LIFE Magazine has a wonderful collection of photos showing Picasso creating light drawings.  I apologize if you have already seen this, but I didn’t realize that Picasso was an early light drawing artist. From my earliest years of drawing, I have always been in awe of Picasso’s work. It is exciting to see work by him that is so new to me and I am astounded at how ahead of his time these are.

20 Most Popular Posts on Today in Art in 2009

With the year drawing to a close we naturally reflect on the past year. 2009 has been kind to this little blog and I look forward to what 2010 may bring. I aggregated a list of the 20 most visited posts from 2009 from the stats and this is what I found. Oddly enough, some were pretty recent, and some were from last year. I decided to include the ones from last year as well since I have many new readers.


The Invisible Man, Liu Bolin

Born in Shandong province, China and graduate of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Liu Bolin uses paint and camera to create these wonderful camouflage works of art.  No trick photography or photoshopping is used to create the illusion of an invisible man. The subject is typically a Chinese citizen covered head to toe in paint to camouflage them in front of the selected scene.