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Featured Artwork by Whitney Lynn

Whitney Lynn works in various mediums, often including an element of performance. Lynn’s artwork can be seen in an upcoming exhibition, God Only Knows Who the Audience Is: Performance, Video, and Television Through the Lens of La Mamelle / ART COM.

Horizons by Sze Tsung Leong

Sze Tsung Leong’s series, Horizons, is an on going series of photographs from locations around the world. Each image is beautiful alone, but when seen together, one beside another, they take on new life.

Digital Artwork by James George

James George creates unique and distorted views of the world around him by manipulating imagery captured from camera with code and audio soundtracks.  Being a tech junkie myself, I was initially drawn in with the imagery that he captured using an Xbox Kinect and an HD SLR camera.

The Batch Watermarks

I recently tried out The Batch Watermarks to apply a watermark information to about 15 images. The app is easy to use and was able to quickly add the watermarks to my images.