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The Invaders! – by Douglas Edric Stanely

The Invaders! - by Douglas Edric Stanely

Installation for the 30 year celebration of Space Invaders.  From what I understand, this was built on technology that Stanley had previous made.  The video also looks to be over a year old.  The installation features Space Invaders attacking the Twin Towers in New York.  I don’t have to tell you that this guy is getting a lot of attention, but I felt I needed to post it to our audience.

artist & website: Douglas Edric Stanely – http://www.abstractmachine.net/blog/

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Reactive Sparks – by Markus Lerner

Reactive Sparks - by Markus Lerner
Interactive installation – Munich, Germany – video below

“For the display Reactive Sparks, the traffic on the street is tracked in real-time; each vehicle creates a spark which moves across the screens. The Waves in the lower part of the display represent the amount of traffic in the past few minutes. More traffic results in higher waves with faster movement.”

artist & website: Markus Lerner – http://www.markuslerner.com